Gurbani Bedi

Styling Secrets: Concert Outfits and Makeup

Gurbani Bedi
Styling Secrets: Concert Outfits and Makeup

Hi friends!

As someone who spends a godly amount of money on concert tickets, today I wanted to show you a couple of my go to tips when styling outfits for the show! Concerts are one place that I can take my usual level of extra and amplify it x10, because why not! My main goal with these outfits is to be comfortable, edgy, and out of the box. I like to play with sporty-vibes and usually darker color palettes to be good dancing for all those hours and still stand out in the crowd. Embracing being different and creative with these outfits is the key.

Here are a couple outfits showing exactly what I mean:

1. Drake


At this last Drake concert I took an XL t-shirt I bought at the first ever concert I went to 8 years ago! I thought this was a cute idea for 1, the comfort, and 2, to show my true journey with Drake! Because the shirt was so large, I decided to wear it as an extra short dress that creates a really edgy look. Because it is extremely short, be sure to add some shorts underneath! To create some shape to the t-shirt, I added a nude fanny pack from Amazon that not only adds function and keeps my hands free, but is a cute trendy touch. I then added a lot of gold jewelry to add to the chic vibes. My layered necklaces are from Nordstrom Rack and my gold hoops are from Amazon. To top it off, I added some black booties that are comfortable but add some height to make my exposed legs look even longer. The bonus was the red lip and bronzy makeup that pulls everything together.

2. Beyonce


This look was extremely last minute, as tends to happen sometimes when you don't know what to wear! This look is extremely comfortable but still chic and sporty. The purple paper bag pants are a great concert pants because they are so comfortable but add a cool sheen. I paired it with a pale pink tube top to make the color pallete lighter, and added my white adidas for the same reason. To add some edge, I added this spiked layered necklace from Nordstrom Rack. All in all this look makes dancing super easy while being a little different with the light colors.

3. Khalid


This look screams edge with the dark tones and bronzy makeup. My off the shoulder top from Tobi paired with my leather shorts from Regeneration creates a really cool silhouette with the exposed legs and shoulders. I added my black booties from Nordstrom Rack that added to this. I kept the rest of the accessories super simple to excentuate the detail of the wrap top, and just added my Tori Burch cross body that tied in the black and gold. As for makeup, the theme continued with a ton of golden dewiness. 

And with that, I hope you got some inspiration on how to stand out at your favorite artists next show!

Until next time,


It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring
— Marilyn Manroe