Gurbani Bedi

Styling Secrets: Nude Pants

Gurbani Bedi
Styling Secrets: Nude Pants

Hi Friends!

For today's styling secrets, I wanted to talk about a staple I think everyone should have: Nude pants. The reason I love these so much is because the color is unexpected from other basics such as black, denim, or grey. The light and earth tone combination makes it extremely classy and versatile and I find myself gravitating toward these when I want to look a little more stylish. There are so many different cuts and styles, but my personal favorites are one's that end at 3/4's length. I think this combination of the color and shilloute creates a unique and put together look.

For these looks I styled 3 different nude pants from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Nordstrom Rack to create looks for every occasion!

Here are a few outfits showing exactly what I mean:

1. Everyday


For this look I wanted to keep it very casual and comfy, but still chic. I wore my nude pants from Urban Outfitters with a white slouchy crop top from Urban Outfitters and my white Adidas. To create more interest I added a cheetah print necklace from Henri Bendle and my gold Michael Kors watch to tie together the gold metallics. The touches of jewelery make the look seem put together but not over the top.

2. Business Casual


For this look, I wanted to do a more office inspired look but still keep it chic. These nude trousers are from Forever 21 and I paired it with a black button down from Forever 21. I wanted to keep this look very earth tone, but to add some interest I added a green printed silk scarf as a belt. To tie in the belt with the shoes, I added these green flats from Nordstrom Rack and my gold Michael Kors watch to keep with the earth tones. Adding just a pop of color and print can go a long way in making an outfit!

3. Going Out


For this look, I wanted to incorporate color and more of a fun out and about look. I wore this pair of nude trousers from Nordstrom Rack with a wider leg and wore this yellow snake-skin printed top from Nordstrom Rack. I wanted to highlight that because nude is still a neutral, you can wear it with any color and print! To make it more fun I added metallic Gucci heels and metallic fringe earrings to tie it all together.

4. Comfy


For this last look, I wanted to be super comfy and show one of my favorite ways to style nude - wear all nude! This is one of my favorite colors if you can't tell already, so more nude the merrier. I wore my nude pants from Nordstrom Rack with this slouchy open back sweater from Nordstrom Rack. The wide leg with the slouchy sweater tucked in gives a very relaxed vibe. The open back is unexpected but adds some fun. I added nude sued loafers to keep with the colors but then added these black fringe earrings from TJ Maxx to break up the look and add a little pop.

For more visuals, watch my look book on my instagram:

And with that, I hope you got some inspiration in how to incorporate this basic into your wardrobe!

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