Gurbani Bedi

Styling Secrets: Graduation Outfits

Gurbani Bedi
Styling Secrets: Graduation Outfits

Hi friends!

Graduation season is upon us, and this wonderful time is about celebrating all the amazing things you’ve accomplished. For such a milestone, a fabulous outfit is needed of course! Today I have for you three different outfits and styles to make sure you look flawless on your special day.

My main tips are to keep it somewhat simple, in terms or either color or style. A big reason for this, for me, is that there are usually so many different colors going on with the gown, stoles, and cords, that adding more underneath just makes everything look like a jumble. My other tip is to wear something either body-con or that accentuates your waste. This is because the gown itself is already a balloon, so you don’t want to be drowning in fabric! My other tip is to not take this too seriously, just because it’s a serious event doesn’t mean you can’t be chic and add your own fun and flare to it!

Here are a few outfits showing exactly what I mean:

Outfit 1:


Photography: Vrutik Patel

For this outfit I went with a body-con, off the shoulder, white dress from Nordstrom Rack. I really liked this dress because its the classic white graduation look, but with an added flair because of the shoulder and cut. I also really recommend white to wear because it ensures it goes with every kind of cord, stole, whatever! I paired it with some fun earrings from TJ Maxx, and nude heeled booties from Nordstrom Rack.

Outfit 2:


This outfit is more on the classy, dressed up side. My olive green dress is from Nordstrom, and the reason I really like it is because of the asymmetrical bottom and the silver belt tie. I like that the color is subdued enough to not clash and that the cut is still fun and accents my waist. As for accessories, I added silver round earrings from Nordstrom Rack to tie in the belt and keep the classy feel and added these mauve strapy heels from Nordstrom Rack.

Outfit 3:


This last outfit is the one that I wore on my actual graduation day! I really love this look because it’s business casual with a whole lot of sass! I also added the picture with the gown to see how even though its hidden underneath, the accessories shine through. This one shoulder top is from Zara and is one of my absolute favorites. I paired it with a nude pencil skirt from BCBG to keep the look very neutral and classy. Complimenting the gold button on the shirt, I added gold circle earrings from Nordstrom Rack, along with nude heels from Nordstrom Rack to match the color palette.

And with that, I hope you got some inspiration for what to wear as you strut your stuff for the 10 seconds of fame at graduation!

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*Huge shoutout to Vrutik Patel (@vp.jpg) for all the wonderful pictures

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